Miss Zuki was at a matchshow last sunday at Bosjökloster, Sweden.
She was BEST OF BREED Puppy and got a second placement in the group for the judge Pernilla Sandström. 
Thanks for the company Roksana and all the lovely pictures!

Last weekend we went to EDS weekend in Herning with some good friends. Thank you all !
It was time for Zuki to do her debut in the big rings. 

She is a little devil, but we are working on it, She went from a IP on friday, to a SL and 2:nd place on Saturday,
to a BEST OF BREED puppy for Terje Lindström on Sunday. So happy. Thanks Jane for all the support!

Yoko was also with us of course and she got two new titels with her  home and a VG ,
she didn't want anything on Saturday and had a bad day. 

Friday: Best Female, Club CAC, BEST OF BREED, EUROPEAN CLUB WINNER 2023 (3 entered Shikokus)
Saturday: VG (12 entered) 
Sunday: Best Female, CACIB, BEST OPPOSITE SEX,  AGRIA WINNER 2023 (8 entered)

New pictures of Zuki under DOGS

Yesterday we went to the samoyed specialty in Degerberga, it was time to dust of Miss Chili. She hadn't been out in the ring for a year. 
4:th Best Female with Cc for the judge Anne-Chaterine Edoff. Sophia did her debut in Juniorhandling and she did a excellent job, not easy being 3 years old and want to do it like grandma does it. So proud of her. 

The new website is under construction as the old computer call it a night and said good bye.

Miss Yoko took her last CACIB, and Best of breed at the dogshow in Malmö, for the judge Leif Herman Wilberg.
Now we are waiting on the confirmation for C.I.B

'Zuki' was at her second dogshow today.
Yet another Best of Breed puppy with HP

'Zuki' was at her first dogshow today, the judge was Karin Sjöholm-Östlund. 
Best of Breed Puppy with Hp with Ralf as a handler.