Last weekend Swedish Winner show was held in Tvååker. 
I just had entered Yoko this time as Ayato need to rest and is in a ugly teenager stage. 


Sat: BoB, CACIB, SWEDISH WINNER 2024 for judge: Rui Oliviera (1 entered shikoku)

Sun: BoB, Nordic Cac for the judge Ewa Nielsen (1 entered shikoku) 
THANK YOU ALL FOR THE NICE WORDS ABOUT YOKO, and for a great time Linda !
Thanks Roksanna for all the pictures of Miss Yoko!

Viking Dogshow in Ronneby is to a end. 
I had entered only shikokus this year and they sure made me proud. 


Fri: BoB, CACIB for judge: Markku Kipinä (3 entered shikoku)

Sat: 2:nd Best Female with Reserv Nordic Cac for the judge Anne Buvik (5 entered shikoku) 
Sun: BoB, CACIB for judge: Gunnar Nymann (3 entered shikoku)

Zuki (only entered one day)
Sat: BoB, Nordic CAC, CAC for the judge Anne Buvik (5 entered shikoku)

Bivvilis Arufa of KaYo  'Alfa' was also entered on Saturday and made her debut with becoming BEST OF BREED Puppy.

Ayato was entered every day but his results is nothing to talk about . Right now  we are starting the training all over again ,
just like we did with miss Zuki. He will be back in the ring but we have some work to do first. 

New pictures of Ayato & Alfa under LITTERINFO

Roskilde 3 day show has past and this year it was Yoko and Ayato who went with me .

Fri: BoB, Vikingwinner for judge: Gizela Makarewicz (3 entered shikoku)
Sat: BoB, Roskildewinner, CACIB for judge: Maria Ceccarelli (3 entered shikoku)
Sun: BoB, Crufts qualification 2025, CACIB for judge: Gunnar Nymann (3 entered shikoku)

Fri: BoB - puppy
Sat: BoB - puppy
Sun: BoB - puppy

It was a hard weekend but a fun one. See you folks again in Ronneby. 
A big Thanks to the Myhres to having us stay, to Jane and Linda the company around the rings ;)

Last weekend Zuki & I went togheter with a dear friend and her kleinspitz up to Norway and Kristiansand INT dogshow to try and get the last Junior Cacib on Zuki . She did so good and was such a good girl in the ring . Hard work really has paid off.
She now has the titel INT JUNIOR CHAMPION (pending). 3 shikoku entered for the judge Svein Helgesen from Norway. 

Zuki: Best junior with Cc, Junior-CAC, Junior CACIB, Best Female, CAC & Best Opposite Sex. 

I had the privilige to meet up with both Alfa and Anji from the last litter and they were very happy to see me, Anji didn't want me to leave him. But he is in super good hands with his owner, so is Alfa.
New pictures of them both under LITTERINFO



The 6 th of April, Akito was at his second dogshow, and got another HP and Best of Breed puppy.
This time he also got a 3:de placement in the group for the judge Lize Edland.
A BIG CONGRATULATIONS, you are doing a great job !!

The 23:rd of March, Akito and Sara did their debut in the show rings. He ran home a Best of Breed puppy with HP. 
Congratulations Sara & Tobias , good job!

On the same date Ayato entered the ring once more , this time it went to a BEST IN GROUP II placement
for the judge Emma Prahl at the open show in Laholm.



Saturday it was time again for Ayato to enter the show ring. This time oin Denmark at the specialty club in Stroby
He sure can rock the rings , this time he became BEST IN SHOW 3 BABY for the judge Jan Coppens, NL.
Breed judge was Hans Erik Pedersen from Denmark.
Thank you everyone for your support around the rings. 

Last weekend Ayato did his debut in the show rings and OOO man what a debut.
BEST  IN SHOW PUPPY over almost 400 puppies at NSKK:s Annual Puppy, Junior  & Veteran show in Hässleholm
The judge was Zaco Sonne Futtrup from Denmark.
Thank you all for a very special weekend and all the nice words about the little man. 

Anji has moved to Norway. GOOD LUCK Trond Erik with your new family member and welcome to the Bivvilis family. 

So now we just have Ayato that is looking for his forever home. Ayato is searching for a place without small animals and cats.

New year, new plans, new shows and new expectations. Zuki and I started the year with MY DOG in Gothenburg.
We just entered one day as I didn't want to be apart from the puppies for to long. 

Fri: BoB,Best of Breed Junior, Junior-Cacib, Cac for judge: Ligita Zake, Latvia
THANK YOU ROKSANA FOR A VERY NICE DAY ,and for the pictures!

Akito has moved to his forever home as well.We wish Sara & Tobbe GOOD LUCK with you new boy. Sara has been waiting since 2021 for her dream to come true. 

Here is some new snow play pictures of Anji & Ayato who still is looking for their forever homes. Send an e-mail or give us a call for more information. 




The 2 females has moved to their own homes and accourding  the rapports all is well and they have taken the big move very good..
The 3 boys still availble has started their big socialization out side the kennel, one by one training with visits to the town,
visits in the forrests , learning their names and some show training.
We wish Rina & Natalia GOOD LUCK with their new family members! Hope to see you both next year. 

New pictures of the puppies. Still males availble. Send a e-mail or give me a call if you interested.

Tomorrow the puppies is 7 weeks and just one more week until the first one moves away.
A lot is happening in their lifes, car training, leash trainin and a lot of socialization.
We still have all 3 males left to their forever right home. Anji (blue male) is looking for a show home. 

5 weeks has past since 5 little puppies came in to this world. Last weekend we had a lot of visits and it is now decided which puppy has which name. So here it goes. 

B. Ayato of KaYo - black male
B. Anji of KaYo - blue male
B. Akito of KaYo - green male
B. Ayaka of KaYo - pink female - RESERVED
B. Arufa of KaYo -purple female - RESERVED

The show season 2023 is to a end here as the puppies takes up all of our time.
Zuki ended up Breed winner 2023 at the Danish Kennel club, and Yoko ended up Breed winner 2023 at the Norweigan Kennel club for the second year in a row. So proud of my girls.

The puppies has past their 4:th week birthday, and  they are such good puppies. 






Yesterday the puppies turned 3 weeks, the first deworming has taken place and they have tasted cibbles for the first time.
They are growing very nice and I am very happy for them.
They also has been registrated in Swedish Kennelclub. Still female and males availble .
For further information send e-mail or give us a call (+46) (0) 733132133






2 weeks has past in the puppies life. All of them double their weight and opened their eyes the last week.
Still female and males availble .
For further information send e-mail or give us a call (+46) (0) 733132133

The puppies is now 1 week old and the are growing and developing nicely.Still female and males availble .
For further information send e-mail or give us a call (+46) (0) 733132133

Yesterday as Zuki had her 1:st birthday the puppies entered the world. everything went smooth and Yoko is a super mum. 
For further information send e-mail or give us a call (+46) (0) 733132133

The page puppies is updated.

Ultrasound confirmes that there are more than one puppy this time. Inquiers open, send an e-mail or give us a call at +46 733132133


This weekend me and Miss Zuki went to a 3 day show in Roskilde, Denmark. She is such a star despite her very young age.

Fri: BoB, Vikingwinner, VikingJuniorwinner -23 , Junior-Cac, Cac, Nordic Cac for judge: Siv Sandö (2 entered shikoku)
Sat: BoB, Copenhagenwinner, Copenhagenjuniorwinner-23, Junior-Cac, Cac, J-Cacib for judge: Jussi Liimatainen (2 entered shikoku)
Sun: BoB,  Roskildewinner, RoskildeJuniorwinner-23 , Junior-Cac, Cac, J-Cacib for judge: Hans Almgren (2 entered shikoku)
With this 3 Junior CAC she can now also put DK Junior Champion infront of her name ;) 

What a weekend!! A big Thanks to the Myhres to having us stay, to Jane and Maja for the company around the rings ;)


SSUK:s annual dogshow in Höganäs was held this weekend. Zuki was the only dog I had entered as hopefully Yoko is expecting puppies in late October. Zuki became Best of Breed with her second Cac, she was also Best Junior for the judge Christina Bjerstedt-Ohlsson. (2 entered Shikoku in the breed ring) 
Thank you Roxy for a lovely day and very nice pictures!

On the 21 st of August we had a visit from Kapu (Supassion's Yoshi Masao) . Now we are hoping for a new litter between Kapu and Yoko with more than one puppy. We love Zuki but would be nice to see some more in this combination. For further information contact me by e-mail



Last saturday it was time for Zukis debut in juniorclass. Yoko was with as support .
Ronneby Nordic offered sunshine and brilliant results as always.

Yoko: Best of Breed with Nordic Cac
Zuki: Best Junior with Cc, 2:nd Best Female with Cac, Reserv Nordic Cac for the judge Kurt Nilsson.


Last weekend Yoko and I went togheter with some crazy ladies and their dogs to Norway and trippel dogshow in Sandefjord.
Fri: BEST OF BREED, Norwegain Winner 2023 (for the 3:rd time), CACIB, Jubilee cac for the judge Jelena Kruus (2 entered shikokus)
Sat: BEST OF BREED, Nordic Winner 2023, Nordic CAC, Jubilee cac for the judge Stanley Shen Wei Jie (2 entered shikokus)
Sun: BEST OF BREED, Jubilee Winner 2023, CACIB, Jubilee cac, Norwegain Jubilee CH for the judge Knut-Sigurd Wilberg


Yesterday Zuki was at a dogshow in Borås. She became BEST OF BREED Puppy for the judge Mikael Nilsson. Pictures taken by Roksana Wickman. 


Miss Zuki was at a matchshow last sunday at Bosjökloster, Sweden.
She was BEST OF BREED Puppy and got a second placement in the group for the judge Pernilla Sandström.
Thanks for the company Roksana and all the lovely pictures!


Last weekend we went to EDS weekend in Herning with some good friends. Thank you all !
It was time for Zuki to do her debut in the big rings. 

She is a little devil, but we are working on it, She went from a IP on friday, to a SL and 2:nd place on Saturday,
to a BEST OF BREED puppy for Terje Lindström on Sunday. So happy. Thanks Jane for all the support!

Yoko was also with us of course and she got two new titels with her  home and a VG ,
she didn't want anything on Saturday and had a bad day. 

Friday: Best Female, Club CAC, BEST OF BREED, EUROPEAN CLUB WINNER 2023 (3 entered Shikokus)
Saturday: VG (12 entered) 
Sunday: Best Female, CACIB, BEST OPPOSITE SEX,  AGRIA WINNER 2023 (8 entered)

New pictures of Zuki under DOGS


Yesterday we went to the samoyed specialty in Degerberga, it was time to dust of Miss Chili. She hadn't been out in the ring for a year. 
4:th Best Female with Cc for the judge Anne-Chaterine Edoff. Sophia did her debut in Juniorhandling and she did a excellent job, not easy being 3 years old and want to do it like grandma does it. So proud of her