Information for those considering buying a puppy from us

♦ be aware that the samoyed is a working dog that needs to get physical exercise to feel good.
This can be done in several different ways such as training infront bicycle, ski, agility training, tracking or obedience.
♦ like to be outdoors in the woods and fields, no matter the weather
♦ be aware that the Samoyed is a very social dog that does not feel good to be alone for long periods
♦ be aware that the Samoyed is a very beautiful dog whose appearance it is easy to fall for.
Do not therefore be deceived by this without being aware of the dog's other properties.

We follow the course SKK's rules and also SPHK Samoyed recommendations for good breeding ethics.

This litter will be delivered already started at 9 weeks, because they get 10 weeks on 23 December.
Of course there is the option to not bring them home before the 23 or after Christmas if desired instead.
But no one puppy left out before on 16/12, when they are dewormed several times, chipped,
vet, vaccinated and registered in SKK.

Upon delivery included necklaces - leash from White Pine Outfitters, chewing bone, a toy and a plaid
(From Klausen-Import.dk) and food from Prop Plan Purina and an information briefing about the puppy.
This includes both short history and care etc.

Buying a puppy from us means you have lifetime support. We are there for you and help as best we can and we want
Please keep in contact with you as a puppy buyer to follow our puppies' development and we are happy to receive pictures of the puppy
and the adult dog. If you want to come and visit, you are of course welcome.
We really would like to see all the puppies x-rayed and have the eyes examined bythe vet around 18-24 months.

If you are interested in a puppy, please call 0418-753 65, 0733-132133 or send an  E-MAIL.